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The MNST Mission

It's no secret that sports is a huge part of our society today. Whether it's youth sports, golf, college football, regional baseball rivalries, 24-hour commercial cable channels or what have you, its safe to say that most folks in some way are (or have been) touched by sports in society. This fabric touches different people in different ways, be it the hockey mom, the student-athlete, the rabid baseball fan, or the fan who wonders what ever became of some of the teams and players of his youth.

With this broad group of people in mind, the mission of MNST and its hosts (Bob Lazzari and Tony DeAngelo) is to reach all of them. Broadcasting from the CTV-14 studios in tiny North Windham, CT on Monday nights at 7:30pm Eastern Time, the show endeavors to have segments for just about everyone. Past guests have included former Olympians, ex-major leaguers, professional broadcasters, actors, and news anchors, (but have also included local scholastic athletes, sports trainers and psychologists, collegiate coaches, and local writers). “We try to have a show that anyone could find interesting, even someone that hates sports,” says co-host Tony De Angelo. "It seems that if wanting to please everyone means failure in politics, it works the opposite in sports. It’s unbelievable what we hear, and whom we hear it from!”

The concept of the show is to provide an hour of information, quality, honesty, and just plain fun. Both hosts feel that the genre of “shock and insult” broadcasting is overdone, and instead try to provide show offerings of quality and worth.

So feel free to view some of our past interview clips, read about the hosts of the show, and visit some of our contributors and linked sites. Also if you have a comment or question, we are here for you at:


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